Thursday, September 27, 2007


So third year is off to a pretty good start…it’s the big one…the group film year *gasp*…The film’s been off to a good start, we’ve got a strong group and enthusiasm’s running high. I was fortunate enough that my story idea was chosen. Basically it’s about a 110 year old retired Dare Devil who decides to jump again…hence the title…”EVIL STEVIL JUMPS AGAIN”…it’ll be between 2 to 3 minutes long. Currently, the groups been finalizing the details of the plot through beat boards and working on rough concept and design. These are just a few of my early character designs for Evils Stevil…Stay tuned for the progress of the entire film on the official Evil Stevil Blog, which is linked to my buddies list on the right.

I've fallen in love with Post-it's...been cheating on my sketchbook.

We decided that the slippers are a must. Also that he'll have to do the jump on a wheel chair rather than a motorcycle...keepin it old old old school.

Mmm...Geriatric pea eating.

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