Friday, November 9, 2007

Casual DEATH

This is the design of Death that we decided on for our group film, Evil Stevil Jumps Again. The designs presented here were drawn by me and are a mixture of conceptual designs done by me, Rory Madge, and Matt Lau. Some minor tweaking might still take place.

The whole idea behind Death in our film is that he's not what you would expect from the classic depiction of Death. Our Death is overly emotional and basically a wimp. He lives with Evil Stevil, and the two have an old married couple sort of relationship...Death filling the role of the wife.

Evil Stevil is a dare devil who lives with Death every day of his life...metaphorically and literally...deep, I know. Death has spent so much of his time trying to catch Evil Stevil in one of his stunts, but was never able to. Eventually, as the saying goes, "If you can't beat em, join em". Death did exactly that, and moved in with Evil Stevil. Death comes home to ES at the end of his 9 to 5 job escorting people to the after life, where the two bicker and argue about meaningless crap. Death watches his soap operas while Evil Stevil continues to obsess over his 50 year plan to create and perform the most spectacular jump the world has ever seen. Hilarity ensues.

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GHGraphics said...

FRANK! Didn't even know you had a blog :P Cool stuff my man!

I do prefer the old death design you had. I think it had a basic silhouette that could read easily as death on first glance in the film. This new one doesn't have as great a silhouette or as simple of shapes to it. Not as much appeal to me.