Friday, March 28, 2008

Evil Stevil is a Sell Out, Man!

The Animation Student Council had a bit of a fund raiser today. They were selling all kinds of stuff created by the animation students...T-shirts, charicatures, sketch books, and BUTTONS for all the third year films.

The Evil Stevil buttons sold like hot cakes. Glad to see the old geezer is such a sell out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deal of the Century

Nothing new to report...I'm currently cleaning up all my rough animation for the film...I'll get around to posting that shtuff soon. BUT I felt a hankering to do a post. So this is really more of some animation appreciation.

Behold. The deal of the century:

I found this dvd in the "cheap garbage movie" bin at a wal-mart...that's right, I shop at wal-mart on occasion...gimmie a break...I'm a poor student.
Anyways, can you guess how much this thing cost me? give up?
FIVE bucks!
Five bucks for 150 cartoons...some classic, some bizzare, some I never even knew who's ever heard of "Hunky and Spunky"?

UB Iwerks
Betty Boop
Three Stooges
Oswald Rabbit
Felix the Cat
Tom and Jerry
and a bunch of other random cartoons

I was really proud of this find and I had to share it with the world...or I guess...the 4 people that read my blog haha ( ego).
So that's just me nerding out a bit. Although, if you too are an animation nerd. Go get this DVD. Great source for some inspiration.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Evil Stevil Jumps Again - REVISED Final Leica Reel

So we're right in the middle of production...I'll be posting some pencil tests really soon...As we've been animating this bad boy it's been easier to see what works and what doesn't. So we made a few revisions to the Leica as we've gone along. The leica was done by me and Rory...and as for the voice acting...
Announcer: Me
Evil Stevil: Rory
Death: Brock