Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deal of the Century

Nothing new to report...I'm currently cleaning up all my rough animation for the film...I'll get around to posting that shtuff soon. BUT I felt a hankering to do a post. So this is really more of some animation appreciation.

Behold. The deal of the century:

I found this dvd in the "cheap garbage movie" bin at a wal-mart...that's right, I shop at wal-mart on occasion...gimmie a break...I'm a poor student.
Anyways, can you guess how much this thing cost me?...no? give up?
FIVE bucks!
Five bucks for 150 cartoons...some classic, some bizzare, some I never even knew existed...like who's ever heard of "Hunky and Spunky"?

UB Iwerks
Betty Boop
Three Stooges
Oswald Rabbit
Felix the Cat
Tom and Jerry
and a bunch of other random cartoons

I was really proud of this find and I had to share it with the world...or I guess...the 4 people that read my blog haha (ouch...my ego).
So that's just me nerding out a bit. Although, if you too are an animation nerd. Go get this DVD. Great source for some inspiration.

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