Monday, April 7, 2008

Familiar Faces

Just some random doodles of people I've seen and know.
1) My LIT Prof...a man by the name of Dr. Maximiliaan van Woudenberg (I swear to god I'm not making that name up. Nice guy with the best name I've ever heard.)
2) AL! this is a guy I worked with in landscaping. He's unlike any other human being on the planet. You'd have to meet him to understand. Just to give you an idea though...He drives a neon yellow vespa all year round and covers with with a BBQ cover...He's a Shriner...He drinks about 12 cans of coke a day...He likes to throw gravel at people...The only music he owns is a cassette tape of Nelly's album, Country Grammar.
3) Just some guy i saw. haha no interesting story for him.
4) Eric...another guy i worked with...hilarious guy...He can play the banjo like no other...He reminds me of Dave Grohl.
5) The girl of my dreams.
6) Suspicious looking pony tail smoker guy.
7) Creepy guy that was lurking around Kensington Market DT Toronto.
PS: There's nothing like sketching with BIC ball point pens...goes on the page like butter.
PPS: Evil Stevil Jumps Again is almost done. What a ride it's been. *single tear*


Tapan Gandhi said...

that guy has excellent taste in music.

awesome sketches, yo!

steph said...

the middle guy is the bees knees

Lettie said...

love the BIC too
good sketches and description