Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hollywood: 3 Weeks Later

Unfortunately I haven't been able to post since I arrived in Hollywood, but here I am...3 weeks in...alive and well...amazing.
I've had an incredible first impression though. Not only is LA an awesome, surreal place..Six Point Harness is such a great definitely surpassed my expectations. The people who work there have welcomed us so readily. Within the first few days they trusted us to work on "real" projects. So far I've done lots of designing...a little bit of animation. I'm all settled by this point, and already 100 times more comfortable with flash than i was on my first day. But so far so good! I'll try my best to post updates as the summer progresses. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to post much art work due to confidentiality agreements...damn top secret cartoons.

A character design I did for work...not the usual style I prefer...but you gotta leave your comfort zone every once in a while and try something different...this particular project has some strict ass style guidelines though. Hopefully i made the best of it.

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