Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dumbest, Finest Sitcom Ever

Recently Nick at Night started airing re-runs of Family Matters.
As a result, I've been watching more of that show than any human should. I mean like...HOURS....of Family Matters...every night
I totally forgot how stupid...and yet so GOOD that show was.
I def think that show was the peak of corny sitcoms.

i mean...common
a wholesome, all American family...check
wacky neibour...check
obnoxious laugh track for shit that no REAL person would find funny...check
insane, out of this world situations that range from robots, to evil ventriloquist dummies, to being stranded in hot air balloons...and so on...check
and a lame moral at the end of every episode...check

yup. that sounds pretty good to me.
so anyways...lately i've been in caricature i decided i had to draw Steve could i resist. I'll admit he gets pretty irritating after the 5th or 6th episode in a row...but he's so animated...real life cartoon character.

always ruined it for me though when he'd break character while STILL in the Urkel costume to talk about gun safety or something at the end of an episode...would always make me feel so disillusioned

on a side note...i saw a pic of what Jaleel White looks like'll blow your mind...he definitely does NOT look like Urkel anymore.
I wonder what ever happened to Waldo Geraldo Faldo and 3J....pshh...3J

*this post is dedicated to Tapan*

Speaking of comedic secondary characters with BIG glasses...heres a facebook wall graffitti i did for Sammi...395 days ago...
Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.


Tapan Gandhi said...

holy shit!

that just reminded me, my sister and i were cleaning out our happy meal toy boxes in the basement, and we found our old viewmaster.. but guess what the kicker is?? WE HAD REELS OF FAMILY MATTERS!!! yes! urkel, laura, eddie and some random chimpanzee in the winslow kitchen all in glorious 3D! the first person i thought of was u haha but then i forgot about it an hour later.

p.s. i put this on ur facebook wall too just in case :P

alex c said...

Don't knock Family Matters. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons back when i used to watch the show with my more suave, attractive clone.

Also, that's a fantastic caricature. Blacking in the flattop would help it read better, too.