Thursday, October 2, 2008


Another Canadian comedy: Trailer Park Boys.
(left to right) Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles

This show's pretty low brow, but it def has its moments.
Great characters and hilarious dialogue...if you can get past all the F-bombs, it’s actually pretty well written lol.

I love it cause unlike most Canadian remains funny even though its so DISTINCTLY Canadian...Usually the more "Canadian culture" that’s packed into a show, the more lame it becomes...probably because they usually rely on Canadian political humour...*barf*

They also don't rely on those worn out old Canadian stereotypes...they poke fun at the country indirectly by dropping some pretty obscure Canadian references...some of the jokes are so obscure even the most red blooded Canadian has to stop and think.

"Get me a couple bags of chips...dressed all over and zesty mordant"

If that quote doesn't make you're def not from Canada. And if you ARE Canadian and still don’t get it…look it up…you’ll laugh.

Zesty Mordant...pshh

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