Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

One of my favorite parts of Christmas are all the nostalgic Christmas Specials that air on TV.
So many greats that get me all sentimental and trigger memories of past Christmases from all though out my life.
Some of my favs include: The Grinch (the Chuck Jones version, not the crappy live action one)...the film "A Christmas Story"...the original Muppets Christmas...Charlie Brown...and the Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol.
The ultimate Christmas my opinion (as you can probably guess from the caricature above) is "Merry Christmas Mr. Bean"
It's got such a good balance of comedy and Christmas.
You get to follow Mr. Bean through every stage of the season.
Mr. Bean playing with the nativity scene and all his crazy expressions while he's conducting the band...gets me every time.
And not to mention the turkey-on-the-head gag that EVERY other TV show ripped off after it initially aired.
(I'm lookin at YOU "Friends")
Rowan Atkinson...genius physical comedian...He's like the Charlie Chaplin of the 21st century.
anyways...What are YOUR fav Christmas specials?


Deniseletter said...

Hi Frank,Nice caricature you did !!(However you can't caricaturizing him, because he is a living caricature) "Mr. Bean playing with the nativity scene" This was one of my favourite scenes of a Christmas special,is not only comic also reveals that the nativity is a good tale with a lot of followers(for this content maybe it has some philosophical questioning catholicism)That's why here where I live(Not U.S.)in open signal TV to present this is forbidden,its a pity the church is still so strong here.So to enjoy the xxx Mr Bean I have to buy a DVD.

BTW Did you ever think to get inpired for him to do animation? In you tube I saw a scene dancing something "Bombastic" he moves very well and is really funny

Frank Macchia said...

Where are you from Denise?
Yeah, here in Canada they cut certain scenes too (althought I think it's more to fit in in a half hour time slot). I've only seen it in its entirety a few times.

And yeah, his manerisms are hilarious. I have a few pages in my sketch book of nothing but some of his facial expressions.
he's def a great resource for any cartoonist or animator.

I actually think the Mr. Bean animated series they did was pretty good (artistically). They captured is manerisms pretty well.

Deniseletter said...

Thank you for your comment,I'm from Venezuela.Another example I remember Televen (a private TV channel) was promoted the film "The Last Temptation of Christ" to be screened after prime time on holy week.Episcopal church forbiddened their release.
Also I would like to see more of your designs of Mr Bean

Tapan Gandhi said...

"Shrek the Halls"

no, i'm just kidding.. i've never seen it and don't plan on ever seeing it

sweet mr. bean, frank! i especially love his mole

Hryma said...

Hey Frank,
I always looked forward to 'Ernest saves Christmas', twice a year. Now they never play it.
And Mr Bean, be it Christmas special or not, they're all good.

I've posted my pog now too dude.

Frank Macchia said...

agreed, Hryma

haha oh man...i remember when all fifty of those earnest movies were so's too bad you never see them around anymore.

damn shame.

Kali Fontecchio said...

YAY BEAN! I love him, so much.

Frank Macchia said...

Definitely, Kali

Although, "Bean's Holiday" nearly killed me haha

but yeah..the TRUE Bean stuff...amazing

Anonymous said...

I love Rowan Atkinson, though not specifically for Mr. Bean.

Have you ever seen him on Blackadder? I love that show, I watch it CONSTANTLY!