Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm back from my unproductive Christmas break.
Happy New Year!...2009 eh?....kind of sad...it's really the end of an era...not for another 991 years will human kind be able to wear those novelty new years glasses where your eyes look through the zeros. Sad really...I'd hate to be the owner of that quality product...
"Well guys, it's been a damn good 9 years of novelty new years glasses...we're gonna have to shut down for a while...but we'll re-group in the year 3000. Godspeed"

Anyways...enough of my hilariously topical anecdotes...and on to some drawrin.
So rarely do I work in this style...I think it's called...reality? haha
But anyways, this was a portrait that was requested by a friend. Sharpie, graphite, and a Bic ball point. I like that it's a little gritty and loose. Even though I'm an animator slash cartoonist through and through, it feels good to mix it up once in a while.

Back to my usual methods, this was flatter-ture I did for my parents as a Christmas gift.
Mammy Linda on the left and Big Daddy Dominic on the right.
They really loved it which was a relief. There's really no excuse to botch a caricature of people you've seen almost every day of your life.
They compliment each other nicely in caricature form though. My Mom's all jaw and my Dad's all forehead. PS, Thanks guys for my freakishly large jaw and forehead. I'm def the mutant spawn of these two individuals.

And finally, here's my fav life drawing from last semester. A lot more cartoony than usgh, but this model was really askin for it haha.
Last semester also marked the end of my life drawing classes at Sheridan. This semester is basically all about getting the independent film done.
Wish me and the Patsy Pals luck.


Brie215@hotmail.com said...

YESS!!! shut up... i still think that portrait is amazing.. you are gay.

and yeah, defs the mutant.

and christ that lady was really a person?


Frank Macchia said...

Yeah man, I'm not even kidding...that's actually what the model was wearing...She even had that tiny umbrella and everything.

proportionally it's not too far off either. Big lady.
She was prolly the most fun I've ever had drawing a live model.

Sam said...

just to tell you.. i was the proud owner of the 2000 glasses.

keep up the good work. i love you. cali is soooooo close i can feel its sunrays