Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4 Weeks Left

This is it people...In less than a month, The Patsy Pals will reach completion.
A first edit of the film is due April 9th...ONE DAY before my birthday.
I'm tellin you...after the amount of work I've put into this thing, seeing it finished will be the best B-day present of my life.

Wish me luck in this last big push.

*takes a sip of rockstar*


Sam said...

best of luck to you my love said...

i am excited not only for the film but TO HAVE YOUR ASS BACK. i crave the oc like some sort of drug.

It will be delicious. I AM SALIVATING.

Tapan Gandhi said...

hold on to ur butts!! we're almost there..

i cannot wait to see the patsy pals completed..