Saturday, March 7, 2009


I was recently introduced to some awesome freebee drawing software called "Open Canvas" It's with out a doubt the best digital drawing tool I've ever used. So simple and intuitive.


Why you ask? because I haven't done any life drawing at all this semester and I needed some good practice.

I have a theoy that the more unique and unconventional the body...the more beautiful the drawing will be. Kind of a contradiction...but for some reason people with bodies that don't fit into society's definition of "beauty" are a lot more interesting to draw.

I may be biased, but this rule seems to only apply to women lol.

Anyways...the results were beautifully grotesque, and again...I really enjoyed drawing with this software...if you dont have it...DOWNLOAD's's simple to use....Open Canvas.

Stink lines....I couldn't resist.


Deniseletter said...

Open Canvas? I'll check it out.Thanks!!

Sam said...

i wish i was talented like you are. good job. you are so good. love you