Friday, April 3, 2009


What legitimizes a cartoon in today's capitalist society you ask?!?! Pfff...TOYS of course!
(PS. This statement is meant to be tongue in cheek. I'm not really a fat cat, I swear.)

I've collaborated with the incredibly talented Anthony Hrymakowski to bring you Patsy Pals Toys!
He's an amazing sculptor and all around artist who's got a real knack for translating relatively flat and designy cartoon characters into 3 dimensions while maintaining their appeal.
Check out his work by clicking his name above or on my buddies list.

Along with the release of the film, you'll be able to have your very own Patsy Pal to inflict cartoon violence on! Drop an anvil on him, blow him up, or just keep him on display on your desk...any one of those is acceptable.
The image above is just a teaser of what's on the way.

Also! I'm losing my mind putting upwards of 12 hours a day to make this film the very best it can be...and guess what?
10 more days til it's done.
I'm overwhelmed with a sense of excitement and panic after saying that.

See ya in 10 days!


Sam said...

oh i can't wait to see him finished! you should sell painted and unpainted.. painted ones for more money obv... since WE are both painting him.

Frank Macchia said...

that's actually a really good idea sam...youre just full of em arent you?

Dominic Philibert said...

Nice work!!!!!!

Jer said...

I like 'em! Very nice work man!

Tapan Gandhi said...

can i give u a deposit next time i see u???

i'm so excited!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Boy Hryma gets around!

DrawDoll said...

Toys??? Holy crap Frank you have been busy hahaha! P.S I love the Jemaine :)

brockorama said...

OH man....This is amazing! I cannot wait to see these and your film all purdied up!