Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finish Line

Sorry I haven't been around to update for a while, but as you can imagine, Finishing The Patsy Pals has been top priority. I just finished this past weekend, and man...let me tell you, I have a new found respect and appreciation for anyone who's ever attempted to make an independent short film...and when i say independent, I mean entirely on your own.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I haven't had many people watch the finished product yet. That will be the true test. My goal with this cartoon was to entertain. So if I can get a smile or a chuckle out of you, I'll let out a sigh of relief and know I've done my job.

The second I was done this film I had to pack up and move 4 years worth of accumulated crap out of my apartment. I'm now back at home with mammy and daddy. 4 years of college behind me.

The job hunt begins.

Industry day is on Thursday at the school, so that should start the job hunt off nicely.
Anyways, I've posted just a few screen shots. Once I get settled, I'll write up a nice retrospective and post my film for you webber net dwellers to enjoy.

God bless cartoon violence...


Tapan Gandhi said...

congratulations, frank!

i guess u and i are both in the 100% independent film club :) feels good, huh?

i simply cannot wait to see the final product.

sofie said...

i love your characters! I've always been hooked on detail!

Jer said...

Congrats on getting past the final hurdle man!

That was pretty sweet in the video seeing both the Patsy Pals and Evil Stevil featured as examples. You really got you work cut out for you, eh?

And I still gotta see the final version of the Patsy Pals someday!

Good luck on the job hunting man!

JimB said...

Great characters, when you planning on posting the full thing

Anonymous said...

man i still have yet to see the whole thing haha. it looks pretty darn sweet anyways.