Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Yogi and a BUM

Some more Yogi...I've had HB on the brain lately...seeing it everywhere. This time I paired Yogi with his arch nemesis for some character interaction. I love when people lead with their tongue when they're about to take a bite outta something...gross but It makes me laugh, so I incorporated that...After I drew it, I paused to figure out what the hell Yogi's even eating. I have no idea what that is...a delicious slice of bread perhaps? a piece of sponge cake? Soylent Green? I don't know, YOU decide. I threw some dry brush on there to gussy it up. I like how it turned out...It's amazing to me how much colour and some fancy brushes validate a drawing. Also, I just love that salmon colour.

I had fun drawing this. Here's my line work and solid colour for those who care to see.

...And my quick and dirty rough.

This was just my clean rough...or rough clean...whatever you wanna call it...Just figuring out the design...Next post I'll show ya the finished version. This is a peek at a little "just-for-fun" Flash project I'm doing. I'm animating a quick scene from my all time favourite movie, The Big Lebowski. The Character and BG style is inspired by Clone High.
My goal with this is to just have fun and see what happens.

Anyways. That's it for now. I'm heading out of the country for the week. So if I disappear from the webber net this week, that's why.

Talk to you soon.

Love: Frank

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Demo Reel 2009 (Short Version)

Just a quick updated sample of some of my work, including a few scenes from my 4th year film "The Patsy Pals".

You can also watch it by clicking...HERE!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Media Coverage

An article was published in the National Post this past Saturday (May 9th) that gave a peek into Sheridan's Animation Industry Day (Click on the copy above to see it up close). I was fortunate enough to be one of the Artists featured in the article, along with Tapan Gandhi, Laura Friesen, and Adi Targownik.

You can check out my scanned copy of the article above or read the online version HERE.

It was written By Adam McDowell. He was a great guy to work with. Rather than just getting a general taste of the day, he was really enthusiastic and involved. He sat down with us, asked some great questions, and then shadowed us for the rest of the day while actively participating in what was going on around him.

I particularly like his description of Tapan...and I quote:

"Slender, boyish Tapan Gandhi's harmless looks conceal a dark sense of humour."

bang on. haha.

My setup wasn't too shabby either:

"Frank Macchia’s thick black glasses and prize fighter’s profile mark him as the likely creator of the old-timey slapstick found in The Patsy Pals."

Don't be fooled, my "prize fighter's profile" is mostly used to chomp down on pizza while drawing and watching cartoons in my underwear all day.

The article also features a classic candid conversation photo of me and Evan Spiridellis of JibJab which is pretty cool.

haha, vanity aside, Adam hit on some great points regarding the state of the industry itself as well as how Sheridan fits into the picture.

Overall, Industry day was much more valuable than I had expected. More than anything, I feel it was a great chance to do some initial networking and add onto the relatively short list of contacts we had going into the day. I was also fortunate enough to score a couple of interviews which was a nice bonus, especially since only about 7 of the 46 studios who attended were interviewing.

Other than all that, I've been getting re-acquainted with some free time doodles and stuff like that. I have a small just-for-fun flash project in the works at the moment that I'll post about this weekend.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CHCH News: Sheridan Animation Industry Day

Busy, Busy.
I was fortunate enough to be chosen for an interview for CHCH news' coverage of Sheridan's Industry Day.
I wasn't expecting them to air any of my work, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw The Patsy Pals and Evil Stevil doin their thing on the news.
I had to wing it, so hopefully I sounded somewhat intelligent haha
Also! I'm going to be featured in an article about the Sheridan Animation Program on Saturday, May 9th's edition of the National Post.
Check it.