Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CHCH News: Sheridan Animation Industry Day

Busy, Busy.
I was fortunate enough to be chosen for an interview for CHCH news' coverage of Sheridan's Industry Day.
I wasn't expecting them to air any of my work, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw The Patsy Pals and Evil Stevil doin their thing on the news.
I had to wing it, so hopefully I sounded somewhat intelligent haha
Also! I'm going to be featured in an article about the Sheridan Animation Program on Saturday, May 9th's edition of the National Post.
Check it.


Angelo Vilar said...

wow you were made for tv, bro!

forget animation! you could be the next big thing in hollywood.

hope all is well with you guys!

justin said...

Nicely done Sir!

Thanks for posting that, it's good to see that people are actually interested in us graduating.