Friday, July 24, 2009

Fish Face, Conan, and the LDs

Here I am. The Job hunt continues. I've wrapped up some freelance stuff and recently I've been trying to make the most of some great opportunities. Right now I'm just waiting to hear if any of them will come to fruition. Cross your fingers for me.
In the mean time…I present to you, quite possibly the ugliest person in Hollywood (above)...
Steve Buscemi. As I was drawing him I started to realize how similar he looks to those old WB caricatures of Peter Lorre.
Although resembling a snaggle-toothed fish, Mr. Buscemi has got to be one of the greatest actors out there. His range is amazing and he's always one of the highlights of whatever film he's in.
He seems to be in the same league as Christopher Walken. He'll act in films at opposite ends of the spectrum. Even if the movie sucks, he still shines.
I tip my hat to you dearest Steve.

Next up. Excuse the roughness of this drawrin'. This one is what I like to call "quick and dirty".
I did it in about 2 minutes Just a real quick doodle of Conan during his monologue.
I always love how boyish he looks from afar, but whenever they get in close, his delicate, fair skin is wrinkled and creased like he’s a couple centuries old.
Personally I love the new Tonight Show. Obviously Conan's had to tone it down a bit because of the earlier time slot but he's still my favourite. He's definitely the most manic of the late night dudes. I'm also looking forward to Leno's return, don't get me wrong. I can definitely relate to Conan's style of humour the most though. Conan's basically a nerd with charisma. That warms my heart.
Plus he wrote some of the BEST Simpsons episodes AND wrote for SNL when it was actually funny...I mean, common.
I've had the pleasure of seeing Conan live when he came to do his show in Toronto...Stompin' Tom was the musical guest...I got so giddy when he pulled out his stompin' board.
And I've also seen Leno and Kimmel live when I was working in LA...I'll admit, they were pretty good too.

Anyways, just some goodies I wanted to share via virtual "show and tell". For those of you who know me….I'm a pop culture junkie and a pack rat. A deadly combo...I hunt, I gather, I collect, I hoard...I basically live on a mountain of junk and hiss at anyone that gets too close. DVDs, books, comics, toys, animation art, old electronics, new electronics...and THESE bad boys. In the past year I've been extremely turned on to Laser Discs.
For those of you who don't know, they're the most beautiful obsolete technology out there.
They were the prehistoric version of DVDs. Huge vinyl record sized discs of uncompressed video and sound. One movie needs to be put on both sides of the disc. Half way through, you have to flip the disc over. So inconvenient that it's charming. The quality is actually better than DVDs...not as good at Blu Ray though.
But still. I love these things. The album art is great and a lot of them have some really cool inserts. They also have special features that you won't find on their DVD counterparts.
I picked up my first few at Amoeba Records in LA. Then found an LD player on Craigslist. Recently I found out that they also sell used LDs at BMV books in Toronto.
My favourite is definitely The Complete Tex Avery Collection.
I'm pretty sure you can't get the FULL collection of his MGM cartoons in any other format.

Imma go watch some toons now. Have a good one.


justin said...

Nice caricatures your Buscemi and Conan are perfect!

Tapan Gandhi said...

haha i totally agree about the conan thing. i always get so freaked out when they have a close up of him

awesome currcitures as usual!

brockorama said...

These are fantastic man! The monorail and Homer goes to college eps are probably my fave Simpson shows of all time. Conan was the best! And cool shwag you got there with them big-ol lazer platters

Anonymous said...

i love the conan one. its so fantastically gross

Frank Macchia said...

Justin - Thank you man. How's the summer treating you?

Tapper - I was JUST watching his show and they pulled one of the close ups...terrifying

Brocko - Thank you. I totally agree. Homer Goes to College is probably my favourite episode.

Donald - thanks man. i love the beautifully grotesque.

Anonymous said...

You have got their likeness-ses-ses (yes, that's how it's pronounce-ses-ses'd) down! Especially Conan...damn.

Keep it up!