Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dover-esque BG Character

Today I had to fill up some church pews with a bunch-load of BG Characters.
Where as most animators cringe at the thought of crowd shots, I usually enjoy them. It's a fun opportunity to do some bulk character designing and sneak in whatever bizzare characters you can think of.

I particularly liked this guy who's a drawn-from-memory design based on the villain character from the WB short "The Dover Boys"...I thought it was an appropriate homage seeing as how this particular project is supposed to be in a "WB Style".
Also. Smears are fun.


justin said...

Cool designs, I really like your temp below, as well. Always fun checking out your blog!

Alex Chechik said...

There's something hilarious about his face. I thought the NBC short was really well done, by the way.

Hope LA's treating you well!