Sunday, December 13, 2009


Three posts in one week. It's a Christmas MIRICALE!
An occurrence such as this deserves to be celebrated with a hoedown.
I've been having a lot of fun with this Skunk Ape character lately. I'm in the middle of a mini animatic for a quick sequence I want to do with him. I'll post some of that in a bit.

The usual Line and Colour.

Above and below are a rarity. I usually never post my rough roughs. As you can see, they're very raw...quick and dirty...I treat my roughs very instinctually and try to keep them as spontaneous as I can. I figured they were worth since as I don't post my entire "process" very often.

I love doodling on post its.

I have a confession. I HATE sketch books. I feel an enormous amount of pressure when drawing in a sketch book...I start to worry that I'll taint the entire book with a bad drawing. I'm not afraid of bad drawings, I know we've gotta get them out of our system, but I'd rather scribble freely and jump from post it to post it.

I've tried several times to keep a sketch book...but inevitably, I always abandon it for post its. When I'm doing rough doodles I like to draw small too. It forces you to focus on the predominant details and simplify things.Also, I doodle exclusively in pen. With pencil your tempted to continually sculpt ONE drawing by erasing or doing too much under drawing. With pen, you get one bold shot at it. If it doesn't work the first time, you start fresh.

The more times you draw it. The better it's gonna be.

PS. My next post will be my 100th post!

7 comments: said...

YESSS SKUNK APE..JAM LIKE NO OTHER HAST BEFORE YOU. I love his eyes, they know something i dont. hurry up and finish this already

i know your characters are too good for fanart but i will soon, along with truckman

Nicole Kozak said...

awesome! i love your post it scribbles.

and to reply to your comment - im really liking 2nd year. uber-busy but way more fun than 1st and, i can imagine, way more fun than 3rd ;)

LeMark said...

this is great, i like how this one turned out!!!simply awesome!!

Tapan Gandhi said...

i totally agree with you on the whole sketchbook thing. i'm actually drawing in one now and i'm thinking "this is wrong."

i love this character so much! can't wait to see that sequence

Rory Madge said...

I also hate sketch books. Long live post-its and scraps of animation paper!

Alex Chechik said...

You should always post your rough roughs. I love seeing the raw, unrefined thought process.

Happy Holidays!

Stephanie said...

this might be my favorite charachter EVER