Wednesday, December 9, 2009


OMST: Old Mama Swamp Thing.
She's an extremely senile swamp creature who single handedly raised the Skunk Ape (See post below).
She's The Skunk Ape's moral compass, offering up old gems of swamp wisdom...However, unknown to the Skunk Ape, her "wisdom" is riddled with senility.
Which is probably why the Sunk Ape doesn't have a clue about anything but his Banjo.
Although she has her fair share of personality flaws, Old Mama Swamp Thing loves The Skunk Ape as if he came from her own primordial ooze. How else would anyone or anything survive the horrors of Skunk Ape puberty?
She's also always trying to eat Zeek the hillbilly child. (see 2 posts down)
And despite wearing glasses, She's totally blind.
Line and Colour work.

OMH: Old Mama HUMAN.
For some reason I started with ths disgustingly quick doodle of her as a human before she de-evolved into the fish / sludge / swamp creature she is now.


Sam said...

keep up the good work bub. i'm so proud of you :)

Tapan Gandhi said...

haha i love the story behind her.

she's like a female (and sexier) verison of gollum said...

Im happy "thing" is a part of her name. her boobs should leak sustinance