Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Some more Skunk Ape for yous guys.
Just a warm up doodle I did before work.
Tread softly fellow nature lovers, and gaze at this elusive and PROUD specimen. Justifiably so, as he's the only species able to play Dueling Banjos with ONE...yes I said, ONE STRING.

Here's a bit of my process...not pictured is my rough rough....which is usually REALLY rough and its main purpose is just to block in the pose / silhouette I'm looking for.
This may be a no-brainer to most of my readers. But I'm always curious about other people's processes...Even if the methods are only slightly different.
Typically I draw in 4 stages...rough rough...clean rough...clean line...colour.
Every step of the way I'm fixing problems and trying to push the pose a little further.
how do you guys go about it?

Ok...Check this stach out.
I only shave once every 7 days cause my delicate Canadian skin can't handle anything more than that. However, my delicate Canadian skin is coupled with lush Italian facial hair. So when I shave, I have a nice piece of stone to carve a masterpiece out of. Before it all comes off, I like to experiment with different types of facial hair that would either get me arrested and / or have too much shame to go out in public with.
It's fun. This is the first ever documentation of a particularly good week.
I call this one "The French Pervert"....Then again...It worked for Walt.
I'll post some more.

BTW! I was just googling...and this is Google's tribute to what would be the 115th Birthday of Popeye's creator, Elzie Crisler Segar.
I tip my hat to whoever designed this...I love it....and I love Popeye.
Look at him...he'll punch anything to get what he wants..."I want that spinach but those letters are in the way...no problem...I'll just punch OOGL"
Popeye is PROOF that everything can be solved through violence.
Dude once punched a snake and it turned into a pair of shoes and a hand bag...
I rest my case.


wahzill said...

Cute! And the mustache is great :D *thumbs up*

Nicole Kozak said...

i cant wait to see more stache updates!

Trent Correy said...

Heya Frank! Sweet post man, I think the best part is the stache, how I wish I had atleat 1/8 italian in me...
Looks sweet man, gotta love popeye.
Hope work and the weather are awesome!

jtruss said...

Hey wait... how'd I miss this 'stache around the studio? So powerful! Nice drawings on here too, bruddah. I'm gonna keep a watch on this here blog, sir.