Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quiet, You!

I love Mister Peabody and Sherman.

Such a hilarious premise.
A smug, super intelligent dog owns an idiot boy as a pet.
Together they travel through time, interfering with the space time continuum.
All the while, Mr. Peabody is pointing out how stupid Sherman is.
The End.

Any one wanna do a revival with me?

So it seems Dreamworks beat me to the punch. pfff...They would.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal!!!
You stole fizzy lifting drinks!
You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing!

I could never figure it out...are we supposed to like Willy Wonka?
Seriously, the guy's a slave owning, kid killing, candy pushing asshole.
He's pure evil.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The Melmacian uprising is imminent.
All hail Melmac.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is my ol' pal Anna. She has a love for E.T. like no other.
Personally, E.T. repulses me. He looks like a sweaty turd...and then he starts to die and looks like a dried out turd that's been bleaching in the sun.
And don't even get me started on when he was dressed in drag...That particularly freaked the shit out of me when I was a kid.
Regardless of what I think. Anna and E.T. look pretty damn good together.

Mr. Sulu: making space exploration fabulous since 1966.

Today my buddy Cheyenne showed me this cool "minimalist" Futurama character lineup.
There was something extremely appealing about it to me.
Neat way to approach colour design.
I was inspired to slap one together for The Simpsons.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scooby Doo: Camp Scare and Flap Jack

I don’t often get to post my work work but every once in a while something I do sees the light of day and I’m allowed to share it with you guys.

Today the direct to DVD movie, Scooby Doo: Camp Scare, is on shelves.
Six Point Harness was responsible for the beautiful intro sequence.
I’ve posted a few scenes that I layed out and animated. I have to say, enjoyed this project a lot. The designs were right up my alley and as you’ll see I had some fun scenes.
Please excuse the not so stellar video quality.

Cartoon Gravity: Doesn't work til you notice it ain't

Above is something else I can show. Six Point Harness also recently did some "CN Check It" spots for all the Cartoon Network shows. I got to lay out and animate this particular Flap Jack Spot. I enjoyed Squeezing Bubbie out of that tiny hole...I was worried they'd think she looked too turd-like....but it flew.

Buy it and watch the intro a jillion times!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Remember Alf?

He's back. In blog form.
Dedicated to Anna Lehman.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have You Seen This? Have You Heard About This?

I’ve been living and working in LA for almost a year now. Since I’ve been here I’ve mostly seen G-list celebrities at best. I’ve crossed paths with some pretty cool people at work…but this morning I had a pretty fun encounter that inspired the drawing above.
Just as I left my apartment I spotted an old-timey looking car heading towards me. At first glance the car was what stood out to me. Then as it got closer, I could make out grey hair, a denim shirt, and the mother of all chins. With only seconds to react I came up with the most intelligent, witty reaction possible…I pointed, waved and yelled “JAAAYYYYYYY!!!” like an obnoxious moron.

Surprisingly, he waved back...AND…he honked the old-timey car horn at me.
You know those ones that go “AAAOOOOOO-GAHH!”
I know none of this sounds like a big deal, but trust me, it was very surreal.

I'm more of a Coco kinda guy but it was nice to start the morning by being greeted by Jay Leno in some multi-million dollar jalopy.

Also, I got a hair cut.
I'm keeping it shorter these days. What do you think?
I had to look my best for my visit to Toronto and all the G20 riots....insane weekend.
As much as I wanted to hang out down town...I'm glad I stayed out of the core of the city.
I donno who was worse, the cops or the protesters. Jeez.

None the less, it was great to see all my fam and friends back in Toronto.
If any of you are reading this...there's an air mattress waiting for you in LA with your name on it. Come visit one day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murray Hewitt and Mr. T

"IT'S NOT A SCAM! Why would someone want to scam me, Jemaine? AND on the internet service? One of the most...trusted things of today's society."
Just a quick warm up caricature I did this morning.
Every time Murray says the word "gig" it brings me enormous amounts of joy.
I love this show. Really heart broken there won't be a third season.

Also, can you believe it took me 23 years to draw Mr.T?
Me neither.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Planet of the Soylent Green Ten Commandments Omega Man

Been watching a lot of Charlton Heston movies lately. So I figured I'd do a nice big finished piece as an homage.

Only Charlton could wear a neckerchief and still be a man's man. Don't worry if my interpretation seems off. It is. I felt like mixing a bunch of his movies...Soylent Green, Planet of the Apes, Omega Man, and The Ten Commandments.

What you see here is still my rough. Just planning colour and composition. His head is the only thing cleaned up so far (below).
I would love to find a filter or something to put on it when it's finished that makes it look like an old printed comic. Do you know what I mean? Like old school printing press pointillism.
Does anyone know of such wonders? I'm sure there's a photoshop plugin floating around out there.

"Damn You."

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hand punched beet juice makes for the best bowl of Borscht.
...An old Slavo: Strong and Best family secret.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Power of Borscht

This is “Slavo The Strong and Best”.
He's the strongest and best in all of Eastern Europe.
The secret to his greatness comes from his steady diet of Borscht and the fact that he is the world's only pure bread man. He was conceived and raised by two heterosexual men, thus possessing two Y chromosomes.
If it can be punched...He will punch it.

BTW...I'm back. I unintentionally took April off from blogging...April was the busiest month I've had in a while. Big project at work...Development on my own my Birthday and lots of house guests visiting from Toronto and Detroit.

I missed you guys.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Captain’s Log - Star Date: Supplemental,

These new bum flap uniforms make exploring the galaxy so much more practical.

Love: Captain Jean-Luc Picard…xoxo ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010


I’m debating whether the title should be “Ba-Donk-A-What!?” or “Baby’s First Ba-Donk-A-Book”…what do you think?
I may have jumped the gun, but I think it’s safe to say Little Golden Books would publish this in a second. My goal with this book would be to educate the children about big asses, while simultaneously robbing them of their innocence and ultimately traumatizing them
…on second thought, maybe I’m not cut out to be a children’s author.

I had to design some bikini girls at work…which led to me drawing more bikini girls for myself (these gals being them). I think they turned out pretty cute / sexy / offensive.
My work here is done. *dusts off hands*

Nerd Alert!
Behold. The holy grail of Laser Discs…The hard to find John K. Flintstones Collection. I’ve been looking for this thing forever…and finally Amoeba delivered.

This collection boasts the first season of the Flintstones, plus interviews, animator profiles, commercials, original pilots and precursors, lost content, and some inserts by John K.

Amoeba, I love you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

White Unicorn

Behold. Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother doing what he does best…Flying through the infinite cosmos on an inter stellar unicorn, jamming with a Kryptonite guitar pick. If you ever see me with headphones on…7.3 times out of 10 I’m listening to Wolfmother. By far my favourite band. I was fortunate to enough to hang out with them way back in 2006 at a small show they did in Toronto. At the time, I was dating an Australian girl (who introduced me to their music) after the show we hung out with them for a bit…They spent most of the time flirting with my gf and reminiscing about Australia…BUT they also bought me a few beers and Chris signed my ticket. Fair trade.

Here's the drawing without the distraction of stars being born.

pff...ruined my ticket by writing all over it.
I miss the Drake. If anyone from Toronto is reading this and hasn't been...Go check it out...Toonie Taco and Tequilla Tuesdays on the rooftop with a cult classic movie screeing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skunk Pee

The untitled skunk ape project is going through some exciting developments.
We'll see where it goes...right now I'm just having a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, I have a lot that I can't post yet. But we'll get there.

And this I had to share. Last month I went to the Pee Wee Herman live stage show. It was a combination of his 1981 stage show and his TV series. Needless to say, I experienced a nostalgia overload. Pee Wee's Playhouse and Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Still one of my favourite movies) were definitely two of the things from my youth that turned me on to what I do now.
Unfortunately, this was the only picture I managed to snap after the show...but look at that set. Don't you just wanna live in there?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kings Among Men

I haven’t posted any caricatures in a while....a conscious decision because there was a while there where I went totally caricature obsessed. But I’m back on the wagon again…and I’m hittin it HARD with this post.

KRAMER! *screechy Jerry Seinfeld yell*
It’s unfortunate that Michael Richards will forever be associated with the KKK-ramer…but racism aside…Kramer is probably the most entertaining character in Television history…(Second to Homer of course)…everything about Michaels Richard’s performance as Kramer is genious…I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

the nervous ticks…the ignorance…the dumb luck…the moochiness...his physicality…the way he delivers his lines…right down to the way he looks….basically everything about Kramer makes me tingle. He’s a living, breathing cartoon character.

There’s really only one way to draw Kramer…all the work is already done for you…He’s pretty much a caricature of himself…wrap your mind around that.

But anyways…above, is the K-man looking pretty vacant.
I had to throw in the lobster shirt for bonus points.
Giddy up.

Here we go. I’ve attempted to draw Christopher Walken a million times…and I never felt like I got it right...until now.
I’m finally at peace.

The whole Christopher Walken persona is so beautifully eccentric…If I could spend an afternoon with anyone. It’d be him. He’s one of those celebrities that I hope is exactly the same in real life as he is on screen…I wish that with every fiber of my being. I’d be so disillusioned if he was just a normal boring dude at home.…which he probably is.
Man, what if he doesn’t even really talk like that?...
…I just made myself sad.

What’s the opposite of Christopher Reeves?....
Christopher Walken.

Hahaha…ok, now I’m happy again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This post was brought to you by...MEAT!
...delicious, cowardly meat...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

100th POST!...oh...and it's 2010.

Well...Here we are...It's my 100th blog post...AND 2010...AND the first year of my career...AND my first year living in LA...So many milestones...I can't think of a better way to celebrate than dumping a TON of stuff on here...all at once!
Sensory overload!...pop culture reference overload!
Originally I wanted to do something really sentimental...While I was back in Toronto visiting family over christmas, I dug through all my old drawings and comics that I did as a kid...I was gonna scan them and share them with you on here so we could all have a tender moment basking in the wonderous joureny of a little boy who wanted to be a cartoonist when he grew up...or an ice cream truck...
but then I forgot to pack them and theyre sitting on my desk 4000 miles away....Shit.
It's okay though, I promise you can laugh at my old horrible childhood drawings another day. I definitely plan on a post like that the next time I venture on up to the great white north...but for the time being...SPIDER-MAN!!!
I love comics...(Especially Spider-man and Wolverine)...I love how superheroes and comic books are the greek mythology of our time...Thousands of years from now, future explorers will find all these comics and super hero movies and think our Gods were nerds blessed with the proportional strength of a spider...running around in pajamas...kicking the shit out of flamboyant bad guys...It's rediculous, yes...But I find it fascinating and I genuinely love these timeless characters.
This was actually my first time drawing Spiderman...I know EXACTLY why it's taken me this long to draw him...can you guess?
Look at that dude's line milage...and I just did a quick cartoony version of him....but man oh man....that webbing all over his costume...It's intimidating...Steve Ditko sure as hell didn't design Spider-man with practicality in mind...No wonder they gave him the solid black costume for a while.

I think what makes Spider-man such a compelling character is the fact that he's interesting with the costume on AND off...Peter Parker...He's human...He has flaws...inner conflict...he's probably the most relatable super hero in the works.
Seriously, who cares what that goody two-shoes Clark Kent is doing...skipping around gum drop lane with his fake glasses...pfft...Give me a hero with some good inner turmoil any day....I'll also throw Batman, Wolverine, and Iron Man when he was a drunk on that list.

Anyways...the BG for the drawing at the very top was ispired by the old 60's Spider-man cartoon...When he would swing from those wild, trippy water coloured skies...the groovy underscore playing along with those bongos. Far out, man.
As for the design itself, I was just going for a fun, loose, cartoony Spider-man...I love when he's drawn skinny and I tried to incorporate that.

Above are some character designs I did at work that were never used...I'll let you draw your own conclusions about the character...I tried to experiment with some different styles...far left being more prime time-ish....far right being more CN / Nick...and the others...Just experimenting and having fun.

INPUT!...just some Johnny 5 doodles....The Short Circuit films hold a very special place in my heart...I'm still 90% sure he's just a VCR glued to a treadmill...If they update him to look all sleek and hip like an iPod in the remake...May god have mercy on us all.
Oh...and the one in the top right corner...that's Johnny Zero.
He's Johnny 5's "special" cousin.

That's it for this giant post...I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all the best in this shiney new decade...2010 years...Lets get this one right...I know we can do it.
Love: Frank