Wednesday, January 6, 2010

100th POST!...oh...and it's 2010.

Well...Here we are...It's my 100th blog post...AND 2010...AND the first year of my career...AND my first year living in LA...So many milestones...I can't think of a better way to celebrate than dumping a TON of stuff on here...all at once!
Sensory overload!...pop culture reference overload!
Originally I wanted to do something really sentimental...While I was back in Toronto visiting family over christmas, I dug through all my old drawings and comics that I did as a kid...I was gonna scan them and share them with you on here so we could all have a tender moment basking in the wonderous joureny of a little boy who wanted to be a cartoonist when he grew up...or an ice cream truck...
but then I forgot to pack them and theyre sitting on my desk 4000 miles away....Shit.
It's okay though, I promise you can laugh at my old horrible childhood drawings another day. I definitely plan on a post like that the next time I venture on up to the great white north...but for the time being...SPIDER-MAN!!!
I love comics...(Especially Spider-man and Wolverine)...I love how superheroes and comic books are the greek mythology of our time...Thousands of years from now, future explorers will find all these comics and super hero movies and think our Gods were nerds blessed with the proportional strength of a spider...running around in pajamas...kicking the shit out of flamboyant bad guys...It's rediculous, yes...But I find it fascinating and I genuinely love these timeless characters.
This was actually my first time drawing Spiderman...I know EXACTLY why it's taken me this long to draw him...can you guess?
Look at that dude's line milage...and I just did a quick cartoony version of him....but man oh man....that webbing all over his costume...It's intimidating...Steve Ditko sure as hell didn't design Spider-man with practicality in mind...No wonder they gave him the solid black costume for a while.

I think what makes Spider-man such a compelling character is the fact that he's interesting with the costume on AND off...Peter Parker...He's human...He has flaws...inner conflict...he's probably the most relatable super hero in the works.
Seriously, who cares what that goody two-shoes Clark Kent is doing...skipping around gum drop lane with his fake glasses...pfft...Give me a hero with some good inner turmoil any day....I'll also throw Batman, Wolverine, and Iron Man when he was a drunk on that list.

Anyways...the BG for the drawing at the very top was ispired by the old 60's Spider-man cartoon...When he would swing from those wild, trippy water coloured skies...the groovy underscore playing along with those bongos. Far out, man.
As for the design itself, I was just going for a fun, loose, cartoony Spider-man...I love when he's drawn skinny and I tried to incorporate that.

Above are some character designs I did at work that were never used...I'll let you draw your own conclusions about the character...I tried to experiment with some different styles...far left being more prime time-ish....far right being more CN / Nick...and the others...Just experimenting and having fun.

INPUT!...just some Johnny 5 doodles....The Short Circuit films hold a very special place in my heart...I'm still 90% sure he's just a VCR glued to a treadmill...If they update him to look all sleek and hip like an iPod in the remake...May god have mercy on us all.
Oh...and the one in the top right corner...that's Johnny Zero.
He's Johnny 5's "special" cousin.

That's it for this giant post...I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all the best in this shiney new decade...2010 years...Lets get this one right...I know we can do it.
Love: Frank


Stephanie said...

i love your blog, sometimes your characters remind me of clone high. then i remember that clone high charachters are very pointy and i take it back

Sam said...

forgot to mention this is your first year with all me..

love it all though frankie. you are so talented. keep up the good work.

Kal said...

I'm loving the spidey. It's totally what he would look like if a fifteen year old had to make a costume :D. Congrates on a good first year and great stuff.

Trent Correy said...

cool stuff frank, great 100th post, I love your designs for the lady, on the right is definately my fav. good luck to you man!