Friday, January 29, 2010

Kings Among Men

I haven’t posted any caricatures in a while....a conscious decision because there was a while there where I went totally caricature obsessed. But I’m back on the wagon again…and I’m hittin it HARD with this post.

KRAMER! *screechy Jerry Seinfeld yell*
It’s unfortunate that Michael Richards will forever be associated with the KKK-ramer…but racism aside…Kramer is probably the most entertaining character in Television history…(Second to Homer of course)…everything about Michaels Richard’s performance as Kramer is genious…I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

the nervous ticks…the ignorance…the dumb luck…the moochiness...his physicality…the way he delivers his lines…right down to the way he looks….basically everything about Kramer makes me tingle. He’s a living, breathing cartoon character.

There’s really only one way to draw Kramer…all the work is already done for you…He’s pretty much a caricature of himself…wrap your mind around that.

But anyways…above, is the K-man looking pretty vacant.
I had to throw in the lobster shirt for bonus points.
Giddy up.

Here we go. I’ve attempted to draw Christopher Walken a million times…and I never felt like I got it right...until now.
I’m finally at peace.

The whole Christopher Walken persona is so beautifully eccentric…If I could spend an afternoon with anyone. It’d be him. He’s one of those celebrities that I hope is exactly the same in real life as he is on screen…I wish that with every fiber of my being. I’d be so disillusioned if he was just a normal boring dude at home.…which he probably is.
Man, what if he doesn’t even really talk like that?...
…I just made myself sad.

What’s the opposite of Christopher Reeves?....
Christopher Walken.

Hahaha…ok, now I’m happy again.


Chenny said...

These are amazing! i absolutely love the Christopher Walken caricature, the face shape is amazing and i think you really got his eyes!

Tapan Gandhi said...

i love ur walken!

i just scrolled down and autmatically knew it was him, and then i started thinking about that 'weapon of choice' video or whatever, and then Sleepy Hollow. you know how much I love that movie, right?

anyways, amazing caricatures. you definitely are the yin to emslie's yang

Anonymous said...

Your Kramer caricature is spot-on AND hilarious!

Chris Darnbrough said...

Great stuff man!, love the Kramer one!

Kal said...

what program are you using to do these bad boys up in and their fantastic BTW, identifiable right away and oh so awesome ._____.

Frank Macchia said...

Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.
I figured these two dudes would be a crowd pleaser.

Yeah, Christopher Walken is the man. He has such a creepy, distinct look to him and yet I rarely ever see caricatures done of him. I guess he's a tough one to do justice.

Kal - Thanks buddy. I always draw and colour my stuff in flash. (Then add textures or dry brush or whatever else in Photoshop.) The line work is done with a new brush setting that I‘m really enjoying. We used it on a project at work and it just stuck with me. It's the elliptical brush set at a 10 sensitivity. It's a really natural feeling you that grittier line with nice control of thick and thin. I've sort of become fed up with the snap smooth vector line. Trying something new.