Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Captain’s Log - Star Date: Supplemental,

These new bum flap uniforms make exploring the galaxy so much more practical.

Love: Captain Jean-Luc Picard…xoxo ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010


I’m debating whether the title should be “Ba-Donk-A-What!?” or “Baby’s First Ba-Donk-A-Book”…what do you think?
I may have jumped the gun, but I think it’s safe to say Little Golden Books would publish this in a second. My goal with this book would be to educate the children about big asses, while simultaneously robbing them of their innocence and ultimately traumatizing them
…on second thought, maybe I’m not cut out to be a children’s author.

I had to design some bikini girls at work…which led to me drawing more bikini girls for myself (these gals being them). I think they turned out pretty cute / sexy / offensive.
My work here is done. *dusts off hands*

Nerd Alert!
Behold. The holy grail of Laser Discs…The hard to find John K. Flintstones Collection. I’ve been looking for this thing forever…and finally Amoeba delivered.

This collection boasts the first season of the Flintstones, plus interviews, animator profiles, commercials, original pilots and precursors, lost content, and some inserts by John K.

Amoeba, I love you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

White Unicorn

Behold. Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother doing what he does best…Flying through the infinite cosmos on an inter stellar unicorn, jamming with a Kryptonite guitar pick. If you ever see me with headphones on…7.3 times out of 10 I’m listening to Wolfmother. By far my favourite band. I was fortunate to enough to hang out with them way back in 2006 at a small show they did in Toronto. At the time, I was dating an Australian girl (who introduced me to their music) after the show we hung out with them for a bit…They spent most of the time flirting with my gf and reminiscing about Australia…BUT they also bought me a few beers and Chris signed my ticket. Fair trade.

Here's the drawing without the distraction of stars being born.

pff...ruined my ticket by writing all over it.
I miss the Drake. If anyone from Toronto is reading this and hasn't been...Go check it out...Toonie Taco and Tequilla Tuesdays on the rooftop with a cult classic movie screeing.