Monday, March 8, 2010


I’m debating whether the title should be “Ba-Donk-A-What!?” or “Baby’s First Ba-Donk-A-Book”…what do you think?
I may have jumped the gun, but I think it’s safe to say Little Golden Books would publish this in a second. My goal with this book would be to educate the children about big asses, while simultaneously robbing them of their innocence and ultimately traumatizing them
…on second thought, maybe I’m not cut out to be a children’s author.

I had to design some bikini girls at work…which led to me drawing more bikini girls for myself (these gals being them). I think they turned out pretty cute / sexy / offensive.
My work here is done. *dusts off hands*

Nerd Alert!
Behold. The holy grail of Laser Discs…The hard to find John K. Flintstones Collection. I’ve been looking for this thing forever…and finally Amoeba delivered.

This collection boasts the first season of the Flintstones, plus interviews, animator profiles, commercials, original pilots and precursors, lost content, and some inserts by John K.

Amoeba, I love you.


Chris Darnbrough said...

Hahhaha, that's awesome Frank, very educational, I really hope they pick it up, it could even have a sing along with that "when I grow up song" by the pussy cat girls, sweet designs man!

Samantha said...

so good.
lets try hard to write a real golden book!
keep up the good work.
love -

Christina Dee said...

Lol Frank, I'd totally buy that book. Really like your girl designs!

Anonymous said...

i like book. not what. it has a better rythm and hints at the fun pokings.lots of fallow through possibilities on these designs

Garrett Hanna said...

Hey sorry for the late reply to your comment. Work's good man, how's stuff going with you? Amazing I assume. These drawings are hilarious! Man and that's awesome you got Flinstones on the Rocks. Good work dude.

Garrett Hanna said...

whoops. You didn't get On the Rocks. You got the John K collection! My bad.

Kali Fontecchio said...

I want that laaaaaaaaserdiiiiiiisssc!

Mike Nassar said...

badonk a what i think is better. well done.

Anonymous said...

I want that ba-donk-a-donk book now.