Thursday, March 4, 2010

White Unicorn

Behold. Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother doing what he does best…Flying through the infinite cosmos on an inter stellar unicorn, jamming with a Kryptonite guitar pick. If you ever see me with headphones on…7.3 times out of 10 I’m listening to Wolfmother. By far my favourite band. I was fortunate to enough to hang out with them way back in 2006 at a small show they did in Toronto. At the time, I was dating an Australian girl (who introduced me to their music) after the show we hung out with them for a bit…They spent most of the time flirting with my gf and reminiscing about Australia…BUT they also bought me a few beers and Chris signed my ticket. Fair trade.

Here's the drawing without the distraction of stars being born.

pff...ruined my ticket by writing all over it.
I miss the Drake. If anyone from Toronto is reading this and hasn't been...Go check it out...Toonie Taco and Tequilla Tuesdays on the rooftop with a cult classic movie screeing.


Chenny said...

woah that's awesome! i've actually never listened to Wolfmother, you'll have to recommend some songs! i like the shading also, very nice ;)
by the way what's a twoonie? did you mean toonie, like the coin? or is it spelled twoonie and i'm just insane lol...

Anonymous said...

if you dont send that to them ima punch your face.