Friday, May 14, 2010

The Power of Borscht

This is “Slavo The Strong and Best”.
He's the strongest and best in all of Eastern Europe.
The secret to his greatness comes from his steady diet of Borscht and the fact that he is the world's only pure bread man. He was conceived and raised by two heterosexual men, thus possessing two Y chromosomes.
If it can be punched...He will punch it.

BTW...I'm back. I unintentionally took April off from blogging...April was the busiest month I've had in a while. Big project at work...Development on my own my Birthday and lots of house guests visiting from Toronto and Detroit.

I missed you guys.


Chenny said...

i LOVE this! i like his all peck workout body :)great face you gave him...more drawings!!! more!

Kal said...

That origin story is the best origin story yet. I actually can't wait to see the finished film :D

Frank Macchia said...

haha thanks you two. I'm glad you like this dude.

you want more Slavo?
pfff...then that's just what youre gonna get.