Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have You Seen This? Have You Heard About This?

I’ve been living and working in LA for almost a year now. Since I’ve been here I’ve mostly seen G-list celebrities at best. I’ve crossed paths with some pretty cool people at work…but this morning I had a pretty fun encounter that inspired the drawing above.
Just as I left my apartment I spotted an old-timey looking car heading towards me. At first glance the car was what stood out to me. Then as it got closer, I could make out grey hair, a denim shirt, and the mother of all chins. With only seconds to react I came up with the most intelligent, witty reaction possible…I pointed, waved and yelled “JAAAYYYYYYY!!!” like an obnoxious moron.

Surprisingly, he waved back...AND…he honked the old-timey car horn at me.
You know those ones that go “AAAOOOOOO-GAHH!”
I know none of this sounds like a big deal, but trust me, it was very surreal.

I'm more of a Coco kinda guy but it was nice to start the morning by being greeted by Jay Leno in some multi-million dollar jalopy.

Also, I got a hair cut.
I'm keeping it shorter these days. What do you think?
I had to look my best for my visit to Toronto and all the G20 riots....insane weekend.
As much as I wanted to hang out down town...I'm glad I stayed out of the core of the city.
I donno who was worse, the cops or the protesters. Jeez.

None the less, it was great to see all my fam and friends back in Toronto.
If any of you are reading this...there's an air mattress waiting for you in LA with your name on it. Come visit one day.


Chenny said...

i can't believe that happened! that's so awesome! i think i would have had the same reaction :D i like how you drew him so happy and cute! it's nice how you showed the sketch too.

p.s thats MY air mattress, and it's got MY name on it..kidding..but seriously, cant wait..

carol said...

How randomly L.A. ! That is truly the ultimate in awesome. Best part.... the "aahhhoooo-ga" horn blowing. Your sketch captures it all in the most perfect way, too. So great to see you on Sunday -- can't wait till the next time!!

Rory Madge said...

That's funny... Brock and I spotted Jay out for a Sunday drive in some crazy old jalopy (it was giant and red) at an intersection a few weekends ago. Unfortunately we were driving with the windows rolled up so there was no yelling at him, but it was an interesting sight to be sure. I guess Jay is out taking advantage of the weather these days.