Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murray Hewitt and Mr. T

"IT'S NOT A SCAM! Why would someone want to scam me, Jemaine? AND on the internet service? One of the most...trusted things of today's society."
Just a quick warm up caricature I did this morning.
Every time Murray says the word "gig" it brings me enormous amounts of joy.
I love this show. Really heart broken there won't be a third season.

Also, can you believe it took me 23 years to draw Mr.T?
Me neither.


Chenny said...

GAH! MURRAY!! this is great, i love the way you handled his eyes and hair...i miss the show soo much too, i listen to the songs from the show to make my days happier ;) You should try and do a charicature of Mel!
oh and spot on mistah tee! nice an simplified!

Garrett Hanna said...

HAHAHA Murray... Amazing. And Mr.T is amazing as well. And you, Frank... are amazing.

Anonymous said...

i DONT believe it.
also this is amazing. I have two kiwi room mates and i always make them say gig.

Frank Macchia said...

Chey - Thanks buddy girl. What's your fav song of theirs? I listen to "too many dicks on the dance floor" way too much on the subway.
and good call. Mel would be a lot of fun to draw. I just might.

Garrett - thanks man. right back at chya slick.
don't talk to me about amazing...now that Frazetta has passed on you can truly claim his throne...with an amazon woman at your feet.

Steph- thank yee. Yeah, the kiwi accent has got to be the best there is. do they ever say they wanna "have a sleep"?

Mukpuddy said...

Nice work dude!!