Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Vibes Stoner Gag

This was probably my favorite contribution to Good Vibes. At the end of production, show creator, Brad Ableson, approached a few of us to do some interchangeable "stoner gags" for the intro of the show. It was extremely flattering and I had way too much fun with this thing. We were given total freedom to design, layout, and animate the entire thing ourselves as well as come up with the gag itself which was pretty refreshing. The ideas ranged from Mondo and Woodie as 8-bit Mondo and Woodie as Mondo and Woodie drawn in the style of Ralph Steadman.
I'm pretty sure there were 8 total and they all turned out fantastic. It was great to be allowed to run free with these. Above is my stoner gag done in an old timey rubber hose style.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Vibes: Breast Friends

Here's a gif of a walk cycle I animated in tonights episode of Good Vibes. The character layout was done by Mike Nassar.

Some people save lives for a living...Others make technological advances to better mankind...Some teach and shape the minds of the future...Me? I make cartoon tits bounce.

I've posted a lot more about Good Vibes on my Tumblr, but you can catch it on MTV at 10:30pm on Thursdays. I loved working on the show. We boarded, animated, and edited the entire season at Six Point Harness. I'm proud to be a part of a prime time series that's done entirely here in North America, employing a ton of local talent...(Take that Korea) A lot of fantastic artists we're a part of the show and it was a pleasure to work with them. I encourage you to check out the series. It's pretty raunchy...but it's backed up with a lot of heart.