Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Secret Society of Hot Tub Gentlemen

I was cleaning off my desktop and I found some animation from an unfinished 24 hour film Cheyenne and I attempted a little over a year ago.

It was a 1 minute film about two "gentlemen" hot tubbers.
It was definitely a little ambitious for a 24 hour film, but we still got a lot of really fun and expressive drawings and animation out of it. It also gave us a chance to collaborate and experiment. 
At the end of the day, I guess that's the point...whether it was completed or not. *hangs head in shame*
I figured it was about time to post some of the work we did together.

Chey and I designed the characters together. "Snoots" is the orange guy and "Sleaze" is the green dude. 
I feel like they're a great balance of our styles. I can definitely see elements of us both in each character.

I boarded it, Cheyenne painted the beautiful BGs,
and we both did character layout and animation.

I can't take any credit for the image above. Cheyenne did this hilarious shot.
Always love working with her.

There was no dialogue in the film. It was all set to this Jackie Davis song.
Sexy, right?

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Cheyenne said...

Thanks for posting all this work! it's really amazing looking back and seeing how great it still all looks! Hopefully one day it will get finished, but for now the gif looks really captured Snoots snootiness.